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Quantify, Measure, Improve

Specializing in Playground HIC Testing, Playground Inspection and G-max Testing for Synthetic Turf Surface

Provide a safe recreation area with the professional and certified testing services offered by PlayItSafe2Day Inc.


Our logo says it all, if you can Quantify it, you can Measure it. If you can Measure it, you can Improve it.

Our goal is to inform and assist our customers in providing a safe play area weather that be a playground or a synthetic turf sports field. We strongly urge our customers to be proactive as opposed to reactive in today’s safety environment.


         • More than 200,000 playground related injuries are reported annually with 76% of these injuries occurring on public playgrounds


We are committed to the safety of children and adolescents that participate in sports or play. We offer a number of services that will allow the owner/operator to monitor and document the performance of these areas. We can assist an owner/operator in establishing audit and inspection intervals as well as maintenance procedures. Our primary services that we offer are the following:


Our testing is performed on-site at your location, using industry tools and measuring systems to ensure the most accurate results. Whether we're making sure that a playground is safe for children to play in or testing the turf of a sports field, it's our mission to make sure that the environment conforms to safety standards, which results in a safer place for people of all ages to enjoy.

G-max Testing

Playground HIC (Head Injury Criteria) Testing and Playground Audit / Inspection

We are proud to hold the following Certifications and Memberships

To request a quote for our services, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We are located in Calhoun, Georgia. While we service clients across the Southeast US, we frequently travel across the entire United States.


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